Friday, November 02, 2007

Time To Talk Turkey

As he often does, Mustang informs, reminds, explains, and many times, entertains us all with his eloquent and insightful writings. He often outdoes himself and believe me when I tell you, his latest piece is no exception. (Read it first, before reading my rant.)

If you are watching the events unfolding in Turkey, you'll know that we must chart a careful course when dealing its government. They have been a solid ally, from the days of the Cold War up until today. Once you know and understand this, then you can start to think rationally when you think about which battles to avoid.

In this post, entitled Turkishness, Mustangs informs, reminds, and explains. There is nothing entertaining about fooling around and pissing off a crucial ally. But three out four, isn't bad.

You know, his piece got me to think about something in the midst of all of this: If we are serious about our right to self-defense, we must be willing to allow our allies the leeway to defend themselves against the terrorist activities of the PKK.

I cannot speak for Europe, but, I have no idea why they cannot come out and say they do not want Turkey in the EU, if that's the way they feel. I know what I read, and it seems to be something new every time I turn around. To change the rules over and over with the hope, they will get tired and forget about it is just not sound foreign policy.

The EU should say one of two things here. We seriously want you in or we do not. And if they do want them in, they need to accurately state what their issues are and what needs to be accomplished, before a decision can be made. After they figure what it is they think needs to change, they have to be ready for Turkey to tell them to shove it. But if they don't, and they agree to jump through whatever bureaucratic hoop the EU creates, they need to allot the Turkish government adequate time to reach whatever objective, they have decided needs to be met.

But as for America and her relationship with her long time ally, we need to recognize their value and put the brakes to the criticisms (for something we do, ourselves). If not, we join the ranks of those hypocritical nations that govern without sound and consistent principles.

Anyway, if you haven't read it yet, Mustang's post is why I have called you all here. Now, go read it.

Addendum: AC at Fore Left has some food for thought, which I feel ties in with this issue (in an abstract sort of way). With whatever may be coming, now is not the time to irritate Turkey.

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