Friday, November 30, 2007

Recommended Reading

Jason Whitlock says some things that will more than likely get him condemned from some circles, in this reality check examination. But he says what he says, because he believes it to be true.

Sometimes, reality is a bitter pill to swallow. One certainly can choose not to swallow it and remain sick, the patient's bill of rights guarantee us all that choice in the medical world. But to remain in denial about the illness and not taking the medicine, doesn't make the illness go away.


Greg said...

WOW! A-hem. I guess that's one of those things only a black (wouldn't want to say "brown"!) guy can say. Wonder if he'll get the Bill Crosby treatment for speaking the truth.

LASunsett said...

Well Greg, time will tell. He will probably be referred to as a sell-out, or some other name of disdain. You can say it's racist if this is a white guy, and you know people would. But this isn't a white guy.

The fact that the numbers are there, makes this a bit hard to argue. Many people, like myself, take no pleasure in knowing this information. To fix this, it's going to take some leaders that stand up, in spite of the show-boating that Jesse and Al seem to like to do, and these leaders will need to persuade the majority of people effected, there is a problem.

More importantly, there must be a cause for hope that it can be fixed, but only if it is recognized. Right now, as long as Al and Jesse are the squeaky wheels, it's not going to get fixed. Or recognized.