Sunday, November 18, 2007

When The Dishonorable Tarnish The Reputations Of The Honorable

Mustang is rightfully accusing a member of the chain of command of being unfit to be in the position he is in. And believe me when I say this, his accusation is not without good cause.

You can read about it here.

I (like commenter Tad at Mustang's post) think this needs to be called into action by good people protesting the lack of honor, among those who are in a prominent place in the chain of command and in elected positions.

Note-When you are done (and only when you are done) reading Mustang's piece, then
it would be good to read this recent op-ed. (HT on this article goes to Greg)


Rocket said...

I guess the ends justify the means huh LA. Very Lucky your Colts tonight. Very Lucky

Now, Please don't bother me or call me as I'm going to watch the Redskins kick some Dallas BUTT!

LASunsett said...

For crying out loud Rocket, you couldn't even wait for Mon AM QB to register your thoughts on the Colts?

BTW, do they broadcast the games in French or English?

Mustang said...

Thank you for the referral, LA. I have sent an email to Sean Hannity hoping to get additional media attention to this travesty.

Semper Fi

Greg said...

The worst part about this story is how much the initial allegations were covered by the press - all over the world, in fact; how vocal our "leaders" were in condemning our marines who had not yet been convicted; how quickly a certain set of people jumped to conclusions. But rest assured - all these people "support the troops," even while they defame and demonize them. But it's all good - in order to protect our "moral standing" it's essential to ruin the lives of our marines by falsely accusing them of war crimes. It shows how even-handed we are.

Now that the investigations have ended and the truth is known, what do we hear? Crickets. As if to save face, the gov't has to press on against SOMEBODY, anybody, really. Where's the investigation into our press and politicians jumping to unfounded conclusions based on nothing other than a resolute opposition to any and all American efforts in Iraq?

Well, they do write something, don't they? They remember to write about the guys who "failed to adequately investigate" this non-crime. You see the misleading headlines: "Marines charged in Haditha case." Where were the headlines that should have read, "Marines Exonerated in Haditha Case - Murtha, Others, Owe Apology," ???????

Meawhile, our newly-elected Congress is working hard on guaranteeing habeus corpus rights for al Qaeda. Worrying about our "moral standing" in the world, you see....