Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Blast From The Past

In the 80s, I knew a lot of rock music fans that virtually shut down and lost their interest in the evolution of the styles.

Some got stuck in the 70s forever (and are still there); they started listening to bands like Def Leppard (whom I never liked) and other 80s hair bands. Some devolved themselves into the dark world of Ozzy and those that eventually became part of the heavy metal sound (wasn't too fond of that craze either). And others, fled the rock scene altogether for that 1980s resurgence of country music.

The New Wave scene, somehow, became synonymous with punk rock and many simply wouldn't give the newer, avant garde acts much of a chance. Their concept of new wave was limited to bands like the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Voidoids and other loud obnoxious sounds. This weekend's featured artists were overlooked by many that made this kind of mistake, a mistake of taking a look at the name and instantly writing them off as punk.

This weekend PYY presents the music of Duran Duran.Their sound is unique, based in a 80s modernity, with emphasis on a higher tech presentation. Their lyrics were deep, pensive, and in some cases phenonomal.

First up is a song that many of you may recognize if you are a fan of the James Bond movies. The song comes from the 007 movie of the same name. Here is A View To A Kill:

In the 80s, MTV advanced the careers of many of these nouveau artists like our featured act. In the same rush to put out the music, there was equally a rush to get a video out. Here is a song that helped popularize the MTV video. It's a sensual little tune/video that everyone wants to see, as we are ready to embark on the winter months. It's simply called, Rio:

The next two songs were my two personal favorites, the first one deals with the trials of losing a person's youth and innocence. As we all go through life, we come to a point where we all must realize our own mortalities and must accept the fact that our minds might stay young, but our bodies and sensibilities don't always. It is a critical stage of our overall development and at this stage, many struggle to save a marriage and/or relationship. This song gives the impression that the writer is trying to save something that his partner may not want to salvage. Here is Come Undone:

When the world we live in turns into chaos, complicated by personal trauma or overwhelming challenges that threaten our abilities to maintain some form of sanity, we seek a return to some sense of normalcy. This song deals with this very thing. It's called Ordinary World:



Rocket said...

Simon LeBon. He was "très bon" in my opinion.

LASunsett said...

//Simon LeBon. He was "très bon" in my opinion.//

Oui. Il était exceptionnel.

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